How is it to work at Vahanen?

We make sure our employees can succeed in their work

Our way of working consists of caring, collaboration and fair play

Our company values are very much present in daily work. We support collaboration and networking among the Group’s personnel and between colleagues. We want every employee to feel good about coming to work – also on Mondays!

We’re an avid developer of the industry

We provide a wide selection of services including versatile tasks and opportunities for our personnel to develop their skills as well as the industry at large. We use all of our talent pool to produce ideas that ensure amazing customer and end-user experiences.

Every employee has the right to receive excellent supervision

The task of our management teams and supervisors is to create a functional, equal and effective work environment and to ensure that each team keeps learning and maintains their competence and expertise.

Energy left to enjoy free time, too

Our specialists’ wellbeing at work is important to us, as is their ability to enjoy the time outside work. We pay special attention to wellbeing at work and offer ways to work at flexible hours or by telecommuting.

What is it really like to work at Vahanen? We let the personnel speak for themselves!

Our people have taken over our Instagram account, posting photos and stories of their daily work and events.

If you know someone employed at Vahanen, ask them how it is to work here.

You can learn about some of our people through their job descriptions and career stories!