Speeding up the ecological recovery of the Baltic Sea

Client: Ministry of the Environment


Assessment of the contribution of internal nutrient storages to the eutrophied state of the Baltic Sea and technical, socio-economic, political, legal and institutional aspects of potential measures to mitigate the internal nutrient leakage from bottom sediments.

Contact information

Project manager and coordinator:
Esa Salminen, PhD, Vahanen Environment Oy
+358 44 768 8392, esa.salminen@vahanen.com

Milja Vepsäläinen, PhD, Vahanen Environment Oy
+358 40 823 5892, milja.vepsalainen@vahanen.com

Legal part:
Saara Ilvessalo, LLM, Baltic Area Legal Studies BALEX
+358 400 809 822, saara.ilvessalo@centrumbalticum.org

Henrik Ringbom, PhD, Research Coordinator, BALEX
Adjunct Professor, (Docent) in Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea,
Åbo Akademi University Turku/Åbo, Finland

Project report

Download report from here: Speeding_up_the_ecological_recovery_of_the_Baltic_Sea


Photograph: Janne Gröning

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