Residential construction

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Our special expertise pays off in residential construction

There is an increasing demand for residential construction services in the current market, as housing projects require special expertise in, for example, scheduling the final phase and financial models. In housing, too, success comes based on the triangle of time, quality and costs, and there are different cost types and key figures that apply to housing production compared to commercial construction.

Vahanen provides long-term, comprehensive or customized but always best-value-for-money service for housing developers. For example, we help our clients with project objectives and handover measures, the importance and management of which cannot be overemphasized. We always keep in mind that the end product is a home, the quality of which must be immediately visible.

In the best interest of the client and progress

Vahasen’s experts are known in the market as knowledgeable and productive professionals who are able to advance the most challenging projects. We have unique expertise in project planning, design control and schedule management, which are particularly critical steps in residential construction.

With our help, housing investors can independently develop their properties, leaving the contractors responsible for construction on the basis of contract agreements. Our definite assets include extensive and strong professional relations and networking.

We manage every detail while keeping our eyes on the big picture

We know the process of residential construction, zoning development and bulding permit compliance by heart and understand the sector’s efficiency requirements as well as those made by the building control and the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), the demand for shared facilities, the difference between gross and saleable square meters, as well as the obligational and ownership division agreements used in Finland.

Understanding law and contract mechanics is one of the success factors in a housing project. Managing the costs and key figures may sound obvious, but it is not given. Handover, commissioning and performance testing are a very important phase in a housing project, and their related requirements differ considerably from, for example, commercial construction practices.

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