Site Supervision

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Construction site supervision ensures that construction objectives are achieved

Our services include both construction-technical supervision and HVAC, building automation and electrical engineering supervision, either separately or all together. In smaller, simpler projects it is sensible to combine site supervision with construction management, and for this we provide one dedicated professional.

Regarding site supervision, we ensure that the technical, time-critical and financial objectives are met as agreed in the contracts. Supervision tasks typically include the safety aspects, too, including a safety coordinator and other tasks in the scope of the developer, including environmental issues. We also provide moisture control/management coordinator’s services.

An expert site supervisor is a priceless asset in a construction project

As your construction overseer/supervisor, we make sure that construction is carried out in accordance with the contracts, laws, decrees and official instructions issued by authorities, as well as in compliance with the best construction practices in Finland.

The supervisor visits the construction site for inspections, observations and notes. The supervisor focuses on the schedule, occupational safety, cost management, and the quality of contract deliveries.

Our supervision covers the entire construction phase from the kick-off meeting to handover/commissioning and financial reporting. All phases are documented so that their specifics can be recovered at a later stage.

Site supervision tasks may be based on job descriptions available in the industry, applied to match the project, or created individually based on a supervision plan. The site supervisor must be an experienced builder with predictive insight, working in close cooperation with the foreman in charge and the rest of the staff on site.

The supervisor establishes professional and confidential relations on site, thereby creating optimal conditions for a high-quality outcome. The supervisor anticipates upcoming issues, addresses them in advance, and ensures that corrective measures are taken on site in the best interest of the client.

Site supervision tasks

These may include:

  • Quality control of technical implementation on site
  • Schedule control on site
  • Monitoring of obligations under construction contracts
  • Participation in official kick-off and follow-up meetings as the representative of the client
  • Monitoring and inspecting design and engineering during construction
  • Site meeting preparations and minutes
  • Occupational safety control on site
  • Control of tidyness on site
  • Inspection of contractors’ invoices
  • Management of additional work and changes/alterations
  • Preparation of final inspections and financial reporting
  • Operation guidance control
  • Preparation of follow-up inspections

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