Environmental permit applications and impact assessment (EIA)

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Ensuring fluent progress of your environmental permitting process

Environmental permit and environmental impact assessment (EIA) are necessary for projects that may significantly impact the environment. Our experts help your organization carry out the EIA and permit processes fluently in cooperation with various stakeholder groups and authorities. Proactive dialogue with the stakeholders and authorities while programming and scoping the necessary studies and assessments will ensure that the project proceeds in schedule and without unpleasant surprises.

Our services include:

  • Zoning studies
  • Environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment
  • Permit applications, assessments and planning in compliance with
    • environmental permit and alteration permit applications
  • Permit applications and investigations, assessments and planning in compliance with
    • the Environmental Act
    • the Finnish Water Act
  • Extraction of Soil and Rock resources
  • Analyses of the Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Baseline studies and surveys
  • Negotiations with authorities and engagement of stakeholder groups
  • Permit-related monitoring programmes, sampling and annual reporting
  • Regional economic impact analyses
  • Studies and risk assessments in compliance with the Chemical Safety Regulation 856/2012 (686/2015)
  • Restoration of water bodies
  • Emergency response plans