Waste and secondary raw materials

Material efficiency improves competitiveness
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Minimizing the use of resources and recycling materials wherever possible is vital. Material efficiency and recycling is also profitable. However, we still cannot reuse and recycle everything. Residues and wastes need to be managed and utilized to produce secondary materials and energy using the best available techniques. Legacy landfills need to be operated and closed sustainably. Our specialist services are designated to help you find the best solutions.

Our services include:

  • Reconstruction of old landfills, landfill closure planning and risk assessment
  • Design of liner structures, water treatment and quality control
  • Best Available Technology (BAT) consultancy
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental permitting processes
  • Specialist services for material recycling and reutilization.
  • Surveys in compliance with the Finnish Government Decree on the Recovery of Certain Wastes in Earth Construction and Waste Recovery
  • End of Waste (EoW) procedure
  • Surveys for fulfilling the requirements of landfill waste
  • Consultancy and studies on circular economy and bioeconomy