Water Projects

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Water projects ranging from the restoration of individual surface water bodies to extensive conservation plans and nationally significant assessment projects

The most common restoration need in Finnish lakes is caused by eutrophication. The state of a lake in poor condition can be improved through restoration and management measures. The primary measure is always to reduce excessive nutrient inputs, which requires comprehensive planning and management of the catchment area. In addition, controlled measures can be carried out in the lake, such as management of fish stocks and oxygenation, as well as removal of aquatic plants, dredging of the shores and increasing the water level. In rivers, dams obstruct the passing of migratory fish, and many breeding and feeding sites have deteriorated or been destroyed. The ecological status of the rivers can be improved, for example by constructing fish ladders or through river restoration.

The EU Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive require that waters achieve good environmental status by 2020 or by 2027. River Basin Management plans and programmes of measures set out necessary measures to achieve the objectives. As far as the Baltic Sea is concerned, Finland has also committed itself to meeting international agreements. The implementation of the agreements and goals often requires concretization, but also the gathering and compilation of scattered information in order to serve decision-making.

Our expertise covers studies and plans for assessing and restoring the quality of small water bodies, as well as evaluations and impact assessments for more extensive water bodies and marine areas. Sampling, permit applications and scoping funding opportunities are often part of the implementation of projects.