Housing Services

Resident-driven real estate management and maintenance project services

We work in close, systematic cooperation with our clients throughout all the project phases – all the way from project planning to deployment and maintenance. The project manager monitors the project schedule, planning, budget and quality in each step.

Resident-driven service is in the core of Vahanen Housing Services. We manage and plan replumbing and façade restoration projects with our specifically designed PutkiremonttiPlus (replumbing services) and JulkisivuPlus (facade renovation services) service models. We emphasise clear project phasing and task delegation, and believe in communicating intelligibly with residents.

Our maintenance services meet the requirements of the Housing Companies Act. The service brings together several aspects of property management that make it easier to oversee the maintenance of a housing company. These include e.g. condition assessments, energy certificates and reviews.

Condition surveys help in finding out the maintenance needs and schedule as well as potential hazardous materials used in building materials.