Architectural Due Diligence (ARK DD)

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So you have a plot but what can be done with it?

Are you interested in buying a property but not sure it will convert to your purpose?

ARK DD service helps untap the potential of a plot or property

ARK DD is the name of our Architectural Due Diligence service. It meets the needs of real estate development professionals as well as a one-time developer.

With this service we survey the potential of a plot or a property by mapping its development opportunities; in connection with a transaction or whenever a baseline report or an expert view is needed.

Do you know what kind of property development is enabled by rezoning? We know, and we have the expertise to view the property from outside the box to harness its added value.

Comprehensive yet compact perception and ideas for value-adding development

We survey and recognize the potential of a property, saving the time and resources of its owner. For example, we predict the building authorities’ view of the plan, which is a challenge to many a promising project. We survey the development trends in the area and all the opportunities and limitations related to conservation, building permissions, and land-use planning. We take into account the bigger picture and the trends.


As the result of this service, our client receives a carefully analyzed yet compact and quick summary of the project’s potential and limitations, as well as ideas for value-adding development. We advise what to survey and do next. We are experts at quickly perceiving the client’s objective and an ideal partner for further development.