Real estate property development

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Our step-by-step service for real estate property development helps owners define and achieve their objectives

We provide a step-by-step service to help real estate property owners understand the potential of their asset. We develop an optimal solution to achieve the objectives of both the property owner and users.

Our service is provided in cooperation by Vahanen Group and Innovarch, the Group’s architects’ offices. As your partner, we’ll develop the best solution for every phase of the property’s lifecycle.

To continue the property’s lifecycle give it a new life

Property development is a way to maintain and increase the value of real estate assets. Development makes the property more attractive to its users and tenants, optimizes its use and keeps maintenance costs under control. The property will offer healthy, comfortable, modern and functional premises. Its lifecycle is extended, energy efficiency improved and carbon footprint reduced. The property will stand out as a positive example in the area. Our objective is defined by the property owner’s objectives.

The best purpose of use for your property

Our work always starts with the objectives of the property owner. We explore and crystallize your needs and refine them into mutual objectives. We base our work on the current condition of the property and its technical limitations and potential, and we produce ideas for the most attractive development alternatives for both the owner and the users. Led by a proficient development partner, your property development project will focus on finding a comprehensive solution through a controlled and well-managed process.

From mapping the options to an investment decision and complementary services

Our controlled step-by-step property development process starts from mapping the alternatives and continues by refining the chosen solution. After the owner’s decision-making process, we’ll mount the process involving various authorities and work on the financing. Construction and other development measures start after the investment has been approved.

We ensure success by multidisciplinary teamwork, bringing together construction, architectural design and user-oriented service design thinking. If necessary, we’ll find the optimal commercial, leasing, sales and any other partner.

We have created specific descriptions of sensible project development steps from mapping the options available to required source information and complementary services. Contact us for more information regarding your viable project development alternatives.