Urban Development+

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An ideal city is lively, vibrant and attractive.

Urban Development+ service to increase the vitality of towns and city districts

Our Urban Development+ service supports developers in increasing the vitality of towns or city districts. We help identify the unique strength of each area, to create a strong identity for it, and to enforce this identity further.

A functional concept to strengthen a district’s identity and usability

With the help of the Urban Development+ service, we recognize and analyze the current situation, untapped potential, and the sources for added value, and define desirable future scenarios, density, local services, impact zones, and identity, and we present the next steps to take.

We design a functional concept to increase the usability and appeal of the area, to raise the value of its properties, and thereby to attract the investments in the area.

In line with national and municipal strategies in cooperation with a professional network

We present the scenarios, the concept and examples from around the world to the local businesses and decision-makers. We implement the municipal strategy and future prospects as part of the urban development.

This service is applicable at project level and to private property owners, because as the result of successful identity creation, the value of the local properties will increase and the area will attract more investments.

If and when necessary, we utilize the commercial, technical and brand competence and various design partners in our professional network.