Clear strategy and new tools help to get real estate management under control

Throughout their life cycle properties experience various, often significant changes due to different owners and end-users. The alterations made along with the changes in purpose of use of the properties can cause significant and long-term consequences. Mapping those consequences during the life-cycle is natural in the form of so called “weighted condition surveys”.

The purpose of use is taken into consideration when drafting the weighted condition surveys and the whole survey is modified and different areas of it weighted according to the needs of the client. In conjunction with the survey we have drafted reports for the demand of use, where alternative possibilities of use are surveyed according to the end result from location, site plan and property surveys. We also take into consideration the demands for indoor air quality set by users and owners.The real estate strategy work launched together with the City of Porvoo has opened a possibility to execute the new weighted condition survey model. Together with the client we have agreed on how we could add the value of the report made to the property owner. The city architect for Porvoo, Mr. Markku Partanen says that the strategy work done now has already helped them greatly in organizing their own activities and tasks at the City of Porvoo’s real estate management unit.

– The biggest advantage in this kind of real estate strategy development work is that we can now focus our own actions better and prioritize the needs for development. Once we can clarify these to ourselves, we can also communicate them better to our stakeholders, Mr. Partanen says.

Software development company Visma is preparing to launch a new property management software system called Fivaldi, which can also support our work with our customers by customizing solutions better to their needs. Through this new software our clients have a chance to utilize one uniform system for their finance and property management needs.