Innovarch architects as head designers for several significant shopping centre projects in Finland

Shopping centres Ainoa in Espoo and Kaari in Helsinki, designed by Vahanen Group’s Innovarch Architects, were opened in the fall of 2013. Innovarch Architects’ other two significant projects, shopping centres Merituuli in Espoo and Goodman in Hämeenlinna held their roof-wetting ceremonies in November.

Shopping Centre Kaari is Finland’s 9th and capital area’s 5th largest shopping centre. Innovarch Architects were responsible of the principal and architectural design as a whole and interior design of of lobby areas. The client was HOK-Elanto. The shopping centre building was executed in three phases so that the activity of the existing hypermarket Prisma was not disturbed. The third phase covered the actual three-storey shopping centre. The building’s floor area covers 52 000 sqm and net area is 105 000 sqm. The project took altogether 7,5 years to complete. The head designer for Kaari was Timo Könönen from Innovarch Architects.Another project completed and opened to the public recently is Shopping Centre Ainoa in Tapiola, Espoo, ordered by client Lähi-Tapiola. AINOA is a part of an extensive development project of the Tapiola centre, a project which Innovarch Architects has been involved with for years now. In chronological order first was opened a parking facility Tapion Park on 28th of March 2013 and directly attached to it Ainoa shopping centre on 24th of October 2013.  Ainoa’s net area covers app. 18 000 sqm, biggest shops being K-Supermarket and H&M. Next, in early 2014, the first phase of a new pedestrian and outdoor recreational area Tuulikinsilta will be completed. In the two latter ones the principal and architectural design is conducted by Innovarch Architects, Jaakko Hassi being the head designer.

Shopping centre Merituuli celebrated its roof-wetting ceremony on 5th of November 2013. The shopping centre is situated in a central location next to Länsiväylä highway in Espoo, which allows the shops to be reached easily from a large area in the capital region. Through extensive renovation and renewal Merituuli will form a modern commercial and shopping centre that can offer its clients versatile products and services. In its entirety, the renewal project will be completed by fall 2014. The net area of Merituuli is app. 36 000 sqm. The design work is led by Innovarch Architects’ Olli-Pekka Vaija and head designer is Jaakko Hassi.

Shopping centre Goodman in Hämeenlinna also held its roof-wetting ceremony on 28th of November 2013 and is well on its way to completion. The shopping centre is developed by NCC PD and NCC Rakennus Oy is responsible of the construction. The name of the shopping centre came from the client, Keva, who named it after the famous Finnish singer Irwin Goodman who was born in Hämeenlinna.

– We wanted to name the shopping centre after him, as the shopping centre too is made “just for life”, said Construction Manager Matti Heino from Keva, referring to a famous song by Goodman.

Due to open in October 2014, the shopping centre holds rentable commercial space of over 26.000 sqm and its entire dimension is 55.000 sqm. Main shops include department store Sokos, Anttila and S-Market and it also holds an extensive variety of fashion shops. Goodman will altogether hold spaces for 70 commercial actors and service providers, out of which approximately a quarter will be new in Hämeenlinna. Also four residential buildings and a parking facility for nearly 800 cars will be built adjacent to the shopping centre. The project manager for architectural design is Terhi Manninen and head designer is Harri Nikulainen from Innovarch Architects. Vahanen Oy is responsible of the structural design. The shopping centre will be executed according to the standards of environmental assessment method and rating system BREEAM’s level ‘Very Good’.

Innovarch Architects’ other significant future projects include Kauppurinkatu commercial building in Oulu, ordered by client Ilmarinen. The project is now in its initial building phase and should be completed in spring 2015. The dimension of the building is 18.000 sqm.