Innovarch part of the application process for the design reservation of Leppävaara’s central area

The City Board of Espoo decided on the application process for the design reservation of the northern Leppävaara area, the Leppävaara centre, on 23rd of September 2013. In the application process the City of Espoo sought for direction for the development of the area during the next decades. Vahanen Group’s Innovarch Architects participated to the area design with their own proposal.

The design process period was set from 22nd of October 2013 to 17th of January 2014. The aim was to develop the Leppävaara centre as an efficient, functionally diverse and lively city central area with high-quality image.

– In our design we have created prerequisites to build good, central city surroundings and strengthened the preconditions for developing the area’s business life according to environmental values, Business Development Manager Harri Nikulainen describes Innovarch’s proposal.

Leppävaara centre is the flagship for the eastern areas of Espoo, intersection for public transportation, commercial hub and a sizeable residential area. It also forms a core area for cultural and entertainment activities. – Our design adds to this image, strengthens Leppävaara’s identity and commercial power, but above all combines the Leppävaara centre, divided now by the railway tracks and major highway, into one entity, Nikulainen adds.

According to Nikulainen, the atmosphere and cosiness in the design is created with the means of modern architecture. Spatial arrangements, natural walkways and functions adding cosiness and accessibility create an easily conceived city surrounding. Public and private services are combined to operate in conjunction with the commercial services.

Nine proposals were submitted as Leppävaara’s new centre by the deadline. They will be revised during spring, after which a proposal for the winner will be presented to the City Board of Espoo to be decided on.