Significant prefabricated residential building design project to Kazan

Part of Vahanen Group, the Moscow-based OOO Ficote Engineering has signed a contract with a significant constructor from Kazan to design four prefabricated residential buildings which cover altogether over 50 000sqm to Kazan, Russia. The design work is conducted in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tallinn and significant parts of it also in Finland. The contract sums up to nearly two million euros thus making it a significant project for Vahanen Group. It is an example of our Russian team’s persevering work with sales and customerships with our network partners.

The client is a significant actor in Tatarstan region’s construction markets. The company is engaged in construction, property development and also has its own production for prefabricated units.  At the moment they have over 700 square kilometres of residential buildings and infrastructure under construction and further 3 million square kilometres in project development phase.

The contract covers all areas of design. The client’s organization is responsible of the main design. Innovarch Architects cover the architectural design together with Ficote’s St.Petersburg office. The main responsibility over the structural design is in Moscow, while Tallinn and Espoo offices offer support especially in developing new solutions for prefabricated elements and establishing them to the Russian markets. Projectus Team Oy is responsible for the HVAC designs.

The main goal of the project is to develop the client’s prefabricated unit production, which begins with correct design that also accounts for the premises of production. The signed contract consist of five different phases. The first four cover the design of the residential buildings according to the client’s prefabricated unit technology. The fifth phase covers Vahanen Group’s suggestions to further develop the prefabrication unit technology. The project’s development work is further supported by Vahanen Group’s structural engineer  Joonas Heinikkala’s dissertation on the project, where he aims to develop Vahanen Groups’s work methods to better respond to the needs of Russian clients.

The client has also acquired a new line of technology for manufacturing exterior wall elements and Vahanen Group designs the elements that are to be built with the new technology.

Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The city’s population is 1.3 million, while the entire Republic of Tatarstan has a population of 3.8 million. The are is inhabited by Tatars, Russians and the Chuvash people. Tatarstan area holds large oil and natural gas deposits, so the its economy is based on oil and natural gas production and refinement and petrochemistry products. The Republic also has mechanical engineering, arms, textile and food indutries.