Student houses in Turku’s Haliskylä to be transformed as modern and energy efficient

The Student Village Foundation of Turku’s (TYS) student houses in Haliskylä region will undergo a complete renovation during 2014 – 2016. The renovation project covers 14 apartment buildings, originally built in 1988-1990, that are to be transformed energy efficient and their apartment layouts modernized from bedsits to nowadays more popular studio apartments. Vahanen Turku is responsible for the project’s structural and HVAC design and design supervision during the renovation.

With the renovation all apartments are to be completely renewed, as are the houses’ balconies, windows and facades. “What is particularly exciting about this project is that the client really wanted to improve the carbon footprint of their apartments. It is nice to be part of such an environmentally friendly project”, saysJarno Järveläinen, Team Manager of HVAC services at Vahanen Turku.

Within HVAC improvements, for example the ventilation system, water and sewerage lines and electrical and telecommunications cables are to be renewed. Mainly due to HVAC improvements the houses’ E-number, which describes their energy consumption, can be reduced by around 35% and the consumption can be followed in the future on apartment-level. In the yard area water, heating and drainage pipes are redone, warehouses renovated and the surface materials renewed.

Ground heat to be used – other renewable energy sources also considered

The houses’ heating system will be renewed as a hybrid system. Main heat source will be ground heat, which is complemented by district heat. In pursuance of the renovation TYS has reached an agreement with Turku Energia regarding the utilization of district heat’s return heat. They are also looking into how the buildings could exploit solar and wind energy. Aalto University is also part of the project, where a dissertation was made on the charging of ground heat wells.

The costs for the renovation of the student houses at Haliskylä are estimated at 23 million euros. The project began in the first set of houses in spring 2014 and will be completed in phases by autumn 2016.