Teknos relied on Vahanen Environment’s diversified and fast knowledge in taking care of the solvent emission to river Mätäjoki

Vahanen Environment, specialized in environmental management, was hired by paint and coatings manufacturer Teknos to take care of the coordination of interest groups and environmental management of a solvent emission that occurred on their factory site on 20th of May 2013. The solvent got spilled to the river next to the site, Mätäjoki, causing significant danger to the river environment.

Vahanen Environment’s task was to find out the extent of the environmental accident’s consequences and plan and design the repair work. Immediately after the accident, Vahanen Environment’s team began to negotiate with the authorities on necessary actions and collect sediment and water samples, and also through subcontractors to execute experimental electrofishing, collect samples of benthic fauna and map the vegetation at the river Mätäjoki.

Due to Vahanen Environment’s diversified and extensive cooperation network the solvent emission’s effects to the river and receiving water system Iso-Huopalahti were able to be detected fast. Thus also the supervising authority, Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, got the reports and information that they required in time to execute further actions. The work continues now with taking further samples and coordinating tasks until the end of year 2013.

– I am very pleased that we were able to respond so quickly to the requirements set by the client and the authorities. The project has also brought with it new experiences and learning curves, such as monitoring experimental electrofishing and developing a fish passage, says Milja Vepsäläinen, Project Manager from Vahanen Environment Oy.

Teknos will alter the existing weir in Mätäjoki to a fish passage, so that the trouts that have been planted to the river can rise above it and form a naturally breeding fish stock. The fish passage will be executed as naturally as possible as a submerged weir and an artificial rapids made from stone will be placed underneath it. The plans have been made in cooperation with the authorities and other interest groups in order to secure the best possible outcome.